Terms & Conditions

Booking and Communication:

– Your Safari contract is with Daylight Adventures & Safaris, registered in Kenya. All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions.
– Communication regarding your safari will be sent to the address on your booking form.
– Bookings must be made through an authorized representative of the Company.
– 70% deposit of the total booking cost or full payment is required with the completed booking form. 30% or the remaining payment is due on departure date.
– Deposit receipt and form submission don’t confirm booking. Written notice from the Company is necessary for confirmation.
– The Company reserves the right to refuse bookings without reason and will return any deposit in such cases.


– Full payment is due on departure date.
– Failure to pay by the due date might lead to cancellation, with the Company retaining the deposit.
– The person signing the booking form is responsible for total payment and its timely receipt.

Price Policy

– Price increase notifications possible before accepting bookings.
– After a Confirmation Invoice, prices can be subject to surcharges in specific situations (e.g., transportation cost changes, taxes).
– The Company absorbs up to 3% of price increase before passing on surcharges. Amounts over 3% are surcharged.
– Major increases (15% or more) allow cancellation within 20 days for a full refund.

Cancellation and Changes by the Company

– The Company may make necessary changes to your holiday and will notify you.
– Compensation for major changes; no compensation for uncontrollable events.
– Acts of God, war, disaster, etc., not subject to compensation.
– The Company may cancel your holiday before departure, refunding money paid.

Cancellation and Changes by You

– Cancellation levies based on days before departure.
– One set of free amendments after itinerary confirmation; further changes may incur a fee.

Our Responsibilities

– The Company doesn’t own/manage facilities used but selects providers.
– The Company is not liable for issues caused by clients, third parties, or unforeseen events.
– No liability for incidents unrelated to arranged activities.
– Unused tickets not refunded unless carrier/provider allows.

Your Responsibilities

– Arrange travel insurance; proof required on the booking form.
– Valid passports, visas, and necessary documents are your responsibility.
– Timely check-ins and participation in pre-booked components are your responsibility.
– Behave orderly; breach can result in termination.
– Disclose pre-existing medical conditions; consider insurance for them.
– Personal effects are at your risk; the Company is not responsible for loss/damage.


– Smoking is not allowed in Company vehicles. Non-smoking rooms reserved, subject to hotel availability.


– Clients should exercise caution during the tour and may need to sign a ‘Waiver of Responsibility’ form.


– Reasonable efforts made to ensure website accuracy; Company not liable for errors.


– Report issues to relevant parties and the Company immediately.
– Write to the Company within 20 days of returning home for unresolved complaints.


– Disputes governed by Kenyan law; both parties submit to Kenyan Courts’ jurisdiction.


All prices and rates are quoted and invoiced in US$ and all payments must be made in US$. Payments in other currencies will only be accepted by pre-arrangement.

Information Accuracy

– Company information given in good faith and believed to be correct at the time. Booking conditions take precedence over other conditions or warranties.

Last updated: March 18, 2024.

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