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Nestled in the southwest region of Kenya, adjacent to the Tanzanian border and northwest of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli National Park sprawls across 151 square miles of breathtaking landscape. Established in 1974 with a focus on preserving its unique ecosystem, this park has since garnered international recognition, earning its place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

Amboseli beckons travelers with its iconic vistas, notably the unparalleled sight of Mount Kilimanjaro towering over the horizon. As visitors venture into the park, they are greeted by vast elephant herds traversing the plains, a testament to the park’s rich biodiversity and conservation efforts.

Access to Amboseli National Park is facilitated both by road and air. Those opting for the scenic route can embark on a journey via Mombasa Road and C102, a 135-mile stretch from Nairobi that promises approximately three and a half hours of travel time. Alternatively, travelers can take to the skies from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport, enjoying a swift 42-minute flight to Amboseli Airport, situated approximately 96 miles away.

The park’s climate showcases distinct seasons, with dry, mild winters offering optimal conditions for wildlife viewing between late June and August. The onset of short rains in November and December, followed by long rains from March to April, transforms the landscape, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for intrepid explorers.

To avoid crowds and immerse oneself in the tranquility of the park, savvy travelers often opt to visit during the green season from October to early December or in late May to early June. Accommodation options abound, ranging from luxurious lodges within the park to charming campsites on its periphery, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Embarking on game drives reveals Amboseli’s diverse terrain, characterized by dusty savannas, seasonal lakes, and wooded areas teeming with life. Elephant sightings are virtually guaranteed, while encounters with the “Big Five” and an array of plains game promise unforgettable safari experiences.

For those seeking a deeper connection with nature, guided walking safaris led by knowledgeable guides offer intimate encounters with wildlife and sweeping views from Observation Hill. Cultural enthusiasts can engage with local Maasai communities, gaining insights into their traditional lifestyle and customs.

Birdwatching enthusiasts will be delighted by the park’s avian diversity, with over 400 species including flamingos, herons, and hornbills gracing its skies.

Yet, perhaps the most captivating allure of Amboseli National Park is the unparalleled view of Mount Kilimanjaro, offering a mesmerizing backdrop to an already enchanting landscape. Whether marveling at its grandeur from afar or venturing closer to its base, Amboseli promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Africa’s wilderness.


The best time to visit Amboseli National Park is during the dry winter months, from late June to August, for optimal wildlife sightings and pleasant weather conditions.

Home of

The African Elephant

Peak Time

Jul - Sep

Famous For

Magnificent view of Mount Kilimanjaro

Best Time to Visit

Jul - Oct, Jan - Feb

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The best time to visit Amboseli National Park is during the dry, winter months of July and August when the grass is low, enhancing game viewing experiences. Visiting in late spring (May) or early late fall (October/November) is recommended to avoid crowds.

Safari prices in Amboseli National Park vary based on accommodation preferences, ranging from approximately $400 to $1500 per person sharing, per day. Packages typically include game drive experiences within the park or surrounding conservancies.

Visitors can reach Amboseli National Park via a three and a half hour road transfer from Nairobi or opt for a 42-minute flight from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport, located approximately 96 miles away.

Amboseli National Park boasts remarkable elephant herds and arguably the best view of Mount Kilimanjaro. Its diverse wildlife, including the “Big Five” and over 400 bird species, makes it an exceptional safari destination.

Amboseli offers excellent opportunities to spot elephants, as well as buffalo, lion, leopard, and various plains game like wildebeest and giraffe. Bird enthusiasts will also delight in the park’s rich avian diversity.

Yes, it’s advisable to pre-book your safari experience with a safari provider to ensure availability and a seamless visit to Amboseli National Park. Our safari consultants are here to respond to your queries with precision and clarity. So don’t hold back!

A guided safari or game drive conducted in open or enclosed 4×4 vehicles with pop-up roofs offers the best way to experience Amboseli National Park’s wildlife and landscapes.

Masai Mara is better for dense wildlife populations, while Amboseli offers iconic Kilimanjaro views.

Yes, Amboseli is definitely worth visiting for its elephant herds and stunning Kilimanjaro scenery.

The drive from Nairobi to Amboseli takes around 4-5 hours.

Amboseli is famous for being one of the best places to view large elephant herds with Mount Kilimanjaro as the backdrop.

The drive between Masai Mara and Amboseli takes around 8-9 hours.

2-3 days is generally recommended to have sufficient time in Amboseli.

Yes, Amboseli is home to the Big 5 – lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalos.

Yes, Mount Kilimanjaro can be clearly seen from observation points within Amboseli National Park.

The Serengeti offers larger plains and the wildebeest migration spectacle, while Masai Mara has higher predator densities.

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