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Founded in 2018, Daylight Adventures & Safaris is a premier tour and travel company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. We are deeply passionate about exploration, adventure, and the natural wonders of East Africa. Our dedicated team is committed to curating exceptional journeys that create lasting memories in your heart. At Daylight Adventures & Safaris, we specialize in crafting dream adventures. Whether you’re a solo traveler or part of a group, we have the perfect tour for you. Our portfolio includes budget private tours for the savvy explorer, mid-range private tours for those seeking a blend of comfort and adventure, and luxury private tours for the ultimate indulgence. Our primary focus is to provide immersive and unforgettable experiences that showcase the captivating beauty, cultural richness, and wildlife wonders of East Africa. Join us on a journey that will leave an indelible mark on your heart as we explore the diverse and breathtaking landscapes of this remarkable region.

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We envision a world where every traveler discovers the transformative power of nature and culture in East Africa. Our vision is to enrich the lives of adventurers by creating deeply immersive and sustainable travel experiences that leave an indelible mark on the heart and soul.

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Our Main goal as Daylight Adventures & Safaris is to provide five-star experiences and safaris, prioritizing customer satisfaction and loyalty, while maintaining a flawless safety record. With a focus on sustainability, we aim to preserve East Africa's natural beauty as we grow globally.

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Our mission is to be the leading provider of exceptional travel experiences in East Africa. We are committed to designing, executing, and delivering unparalleled adventures that showcase the captivating beauty, cultural richness, and wildlife wonders of the region.

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